Phone lock reset Reset user code or gesture lock
Identify your phone Read all available information for free. No license required!
Flash the latest firmware Be up to date
SIM unlock Remove network lock with one single click
Recover a brick Easy fix and repair your phone
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Read Info

Read all available information from connected device: chipset details, OTP data, flash memory details, security details and show all available operations for connected device



Remove operator network specific lock to use a phone with any SIM-card


Unlock by signature

Network provider unlock the latest Sony models as much as A2 and OMAP3430 by signature server. Requires server credits.


Phone lock reset

Reset user code to 0000. For Android devices - removes graphic key lock



Taking bricked devices back to a life. Full set of recovery procedures with easy to use interface



Update phone firmware to the latest version to keep it up to date with all bugfixes. Huge buid-in firmware library with direct search and download with our software grows every day



Operations - backup and restore current settings areas. Always do the backup before You start. This is guaranty of phone's safety


Certificate change

Special feature for A1 and A2 platforms witch lets user to set the security certificate



Read the flash memory content to a file